We Are Digital tutors receive...

  • Good Pay

    Good Pay

  • Part-time Flexible Working Hours

    Part-time Flexible Working Hours

  • Support from the We Are Digital Head office

    Support from the We Are Digital Head office

We have a unique business model in the UK where we control all bookings, advertising, marketing and course material preparation centrally, for every one of our areas. The role is best suited for individuals who have a good working knowledge of PCs, laptops and tablets, have had experience of teaching groups as well as individuals is also useful, can explain topics and processes in a simple manner, are patient and have a flexible working lifestyle e.g. do not require fixed income or hours. Some basic set-up, installation and troubleshooting knowledge is also necessary. All trainers will be required to undergo a background check if accepted. We keep a central database of applicants for every area on an on-going basis.

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